Radio’s zonder SSB of te wel sideband modulatie worden ook nog steeds gemaakt. Uniden Bearcat bekend van de scanners heeft een mooie CB radio. Deze is zonder FM maar als DXer is dat niet echt een probleem.

De Bearcat 980 SSB CB radio is een export radio. Deze heeft geen FM, maar alleen AM USB en LSB modulatie. Daarom staat deze radio ook alleen bij de Export radio’s en is de tekst in het Engels. De Bearcat 980 SSB heeft maar liefst een 7 kleuren display en is heel goedkoop voor een SSB radio met 12 watt PEP op SSB.

Uniden BEARCAT 980 SSB

The Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB CB Radio combines contemporary style and modern features with the power and ruggedness of a classic Bearcat to bring you the best in CB radio. With the addition of Single Side Band, you get the ultimate CB experience. 

The Bearcat 980 blasts out 4 watts of transmit power and covers 40 channels, with NOAA weather channels and an instant channel 9 and 19 for emergency channel access. Plus, with 12W PEP SSB you get 80 more channels and triple the power of AM CB. 

As for features, the Bearcat 980 is loaded with them, such as Hi/Lo mic gain control, memory channel scan, dynamic squelch control, and a noise/blanket filter to reduce background noise. The 980 also comes with a noise canceling microphone with an extra long mic cord to stretch across larger cabs. 

Then there’s the display. The Bearcat980 SSB sports a large, easy-to-read channel display that allows you to customize with 7 backlight color options! The display has a large S/RF/SWR digital meter, day and night brightness control and TX/RX indicators. 

The Bearcat 980 SSB CB Radio includes noise canceling microphone, mounting bracket kit, DC Power Cord, 6-pin to 4-pin microphone adapter, owner’s manual and 2 year manufacturer warranty. Antenna sold separately.



40 CB Radio Channels

4 Watts Output Power

SSB Channels

SSB Output Power

Instant Channel 9/19 Access

Weather Channels

Channel Scan

Public Address Capability (PA Capability)

Backlit Display With 7 Color Options

Brightness Control

Channel Memory

Noise Blanker

Adjustable Hi/Lo Microphone Gain

Dynamic Squelch Control

Adjustable RF Gain

SWR Calibration (SWR CAL)


RF Digital Meter

Signal Strength Meter

Transmit/Receive Indicator

Front Microphone Connector

External Speaker Connector

Volume Control

Bluetooth® Wireless Microphone Compatible

Two Year Manufacturer Warranty

Included in the box

Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB CB Radio

Noise Canceling Microphone

Mounting Bracket Kit

DC Power Cord

6-Pin To 4-Pin Microphone Adapter

Owner’s Manual


Dimensions: 2.25” (H) x 7.25” (W) x 7.5” (D) (Without Knobs and Jacks)

Metric Dimensions: 57.15 mm x 184.149 mm x 190.50 mm

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